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Technological and dynamic: these are the two keywords with which Audi intends to define the new Q5 unveiled just a few days ago. There is great curiosity now to understand if a version will also arrive extremely performance of the model on the market, an indiscretion that has accompanied the car manufacturer of the four rings since 2008 when the first generation of the SUV was launched on the market. But at a distance of twelve years, there is still no trace of the RS version of the Audi Q5.

New Audi Q5, technological and dynamic like never before

‚ÄúThis is one of the few questions I still have we can’t answer todayWith these words Michael Crusius, a spokesman for the Audi medium-sized SUV range in Germany, commented on the possible arrival of a high-performance version of the crossover. It is difficult to think that a possible sporty variant of the model will be revealed shortly, but it must also be said that from his words it cannot be excluded that the Q5 RS may sooner or later take its first steps on the market. According to the latest rumors reported by CarScoops, a sporty variant of the Q5 SUV could be powered by a 2.9-liter VSI TFSI turbocharger engine, the same that equips the RS5. In that case it releases up to 444 HP of maximum power and delivers 600 Nm of maximum torque. It would be combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission, in addition to the permanent four-wheel drive quattro.

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Waiting to understand if Audi really will intend to complete a project of one new Q5 RS, remember that the new standard version of the SUV of the house of the four rings is also available today in one plug-in hybrid variant TFSI and, which is offered with two power levels. Its arrival in Italian dealerships is expected for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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