Atlanta president Eales gives reasons for De Boer dismissal


8:28 – Atlanta United president Darren Eales has given Frank de Boer a big kick after. The driver reacted for the first time to the departure of the Dutch coach and did not mince words. The president saw too little improvement and wants to show a more offensive game with the coach change.

He tells that on the site of Major League Soccer. Eales felt that there was not enough improvement in the team. “That is why it was time for a change. We needed guidance on the playing style and I indicated that before. We have a good group of players, capable of more than we have seen,” he said.

Moreover, De Boer would not want to play offensive enough football. “We want to grab prizes, but also play in an attacking, recognizable way. We want to win matches in a style that suits Atlanta United. When people look at us, you are sure to be entertained. A team that dominates”, Eales made clear.

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Commands that De Boer ultimately could not fulfill enough, so he had to leave the MLS club. “I see playing fun again during training. The players want to work and become better as a group. I have already seen that”, Eales mentioned a big difference after the departure of the Dutch coach.


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