Atalanta-Napoli, Gattuso: “I’m angry. Race in hand, we threw it”


The Italian coach: “The Goddess did little against us today. We made the two goals ourselves, then we only thought about complaining to the referee. We must create a winning mentality”

“For my part I am very angry, after a game played like this: Atalanta did little today, we had the match in hand”. It is the flavor of the missed opportunity – which does not show through the 2-0 win in Bergamo as much as the feelings transmitted especially in the first half – to embitter Gennaro Gattuso, after the defeat with the Goddess who stops the positive series of Napoli at five successes. “I don’t remember a shot on Atalanta’s goal. It is a team that crushes the opponents, makes 5-6 goals for everyone, puts them in difficulty. We threw it because we had it in our hands”.


“Atalanta didn’t start a thousand in the second half – argues the Azzurri coach -, it is we who made two mistakes, we started chatting instead of staying on the piece, we made the two goals ourselves. liked the mentality, we created but we had too much talk “. And then even more specifically: “The mistake can be there. But after the mistake we started to waste energy with the referee and the linesman, I didn’t like the attitude: we have a duty not to give up, we still have nine league games, one Champions League game, I don’t want any behavioral tension drop. In the second half we only thought about complaining instead of playing. ”

Today. And tomorrow

And to think that at the interval it was Napoli who should have been ahead: “In the first half we did well but we made a lot of mistakes, in the last 20-25 meters. For the quality players we have we could have done much much better. It is for all these errors that at the interval I was not happy with as we had developed the first half “. Time to think about the Champions League? “Impossible, there are 38 days left, I can’t think of Barcelona. We have to work on the next year, on the mentality: these games can help us a lot to correct where we can improve. We can’t give anything to anyone, in football he didn’t give me anything nobody, and we have a duty to do things well, creating a winning mentality: we need this too “.

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