Atalanta, Figc Federal Prosecutor opens investigation for insults, here are the reactions


The video circulated on the net relating to a Napoli fan who stopped the Atalanta coach a few hours before the game of the Orobics against Juventus in Turin, and shouted “This year you play the game do you give it to him as usual? Forza Napoli ”, receiving several discriminatory offenses from one of the Atalantino staff.

The FIGC Federal Prosecutor is activated

As reported by ANSA, the episode was taken over by the FIGC federal prosecutor’s office, identifying the person who uttered the words in the person of Mirco Moioli, as well as a file to the Orobic club for strict liability. The video in question will be used to reconstruct the story, and the violation of articles 4 and 28 of the Code of sports justice.

Gasperini defends himself, Moioli apologizes

The Atalanta coach interviewed a few hours after the incident threw water on the fire, making it known that the insulted boy has already been invited to Zingonia: “We have already invited the person to Zingonia. I am not involved. We invited the person to Zingonia, you will see when it turns out who he is.
It is not in my story, in my life. I have friends everywhere. It’s not a problem of mine or Atalanta. “

The team manager instead apologized for the attitude he had on that occasion:

“I apologize for the expression used towards this pseudo-fan. I apologize for not having been able to remain calm in the face of the serious and defamatory accusations of this gentleman who, evidently, had prepared the provocation. I am not justifying myself, I am aware that I was wrong, even towards Atalanta “.

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