“Atalanta and Lyon very concrete, but Veltman wanted PL”


Joël Veltman was also in the strong interest of Atalanta Bergamo and Olympique Lyon, reports Ajax watcher Freek Jansen of Football International in the Pantelic Podcast. However, the defender wanted to go to the Premier League and so his transfer to Brighton & Hove Albion offered a nice outcome.

Brighton had been following Veltman for three years. He has been popular after all, he has been the target in recent weeks, ‘says Jansen. “Atalanta Bergamo was very concrete, Olympique Lyon was very concrete. But Veltman has had that Premier League in his head. He wanted to go there ‘, says Jansen, who says that Veltman has been taken as a right back by Brighton & Hove Albion.

André Onana

Jansen late during the Pantelic Podcast further know that there is movement around André Onana. The reporter saw that Bayer Leverkusen denied that it would be interested in the goalkeeper. “But they just got in touch. Suppose it doesn’t go through and Leverkusen has yet to play in the Europa League … They don’t want to be restless, especially not with their keeper. ‘

Ajax is also linked almost daily to players from South America and from Major League Soccer. One of those talents that is linked to Ajax is Fausto Vera. He himself sees a transfer to Ajax, but according to Jansen, a transfer is not yet under discussion. “Until recently – a few weeks ago – it was out of the picture.”

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