“At Club Brugge, Vormer can progress to a role as a trainer”


Ruud Vormer has been walking around at Club Brugge for six years now and it does not seem that the Dutchman plans to leave soon, if he still wants to leave. The 32-year-old midfielder feels great in Bruges, has also settled well with his family in Knokke and has already dropped that he sees himself closing his career at Club.

And possibly Vormer can stay with Club even after his career. “The fans have embraced him and Ruud feels great at Club. He really doesn’t have to go anywhere else, he doesn’t need that. And after that he can easily progress to a role as a trainer at Club”, Aad de Mos suggests. after all with NRC.

In recent years, Club has often given former players the opportunity to join the coaching staff. With Philippe Clement and Ivan Leko, both the current and previous coach have a past as a player at Club, while Carl Hoefkens and Timmy Simons, among others, are also part of the staff.

POLL: Should Club Vormer be on the staff after his retirement?

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