At Aquaboulevard, the compulsory wearing of a mask is not (yet) a reflex


REPORTAGE“I find it completely normal.” From sports halls to shopping centers, places of worship to administrations, the wearing of a mask is now compulsory in enclosed public places, and may even be worth a fine of 135 euros in the event of a violation. A measure that responds to what the Minister of Health Olivier Véran qualifies as “worrying signs of an epidemic resumption” of the coronavirus. But will this decree trigger a new awareness after the relaxation of barrier gestures unanimously noted after confinement? To get to the heart of it, Europe 1 went to Aquaboulevard, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, a complex that combines cinemas, sports halls, and swimming pools.

Wearing the mask respected

The obligation to wear a mask may have been in force for only a few hours, all Parisians who walk in the aisles have their faces masked. This is particularly the case of Françoise, a cross at the entrance to the sports hall. She explains “wear your mask in the locker room, in the corridors”, and remove it only for your group lesson. But only “because we are well separated”. And once the session is finished, it is mask on the nose that she will go about other occupations. A situation that she “finds that to be quite normal”.

“We are not used to it, it is not normal”

For her part, Léa, a young girl who has come to take advantage of the complex’s swimming pool, has a little more difficulty combining mask and swimming. “We’re not used to it, it’s not normal,” she explains to the microphone of Europe 1. “Usually, [pour aller à la piscine] you take your glasses, your swimming cap, your swimsuit and your towel. But now you have to add the mask! It’s weird. ”

And proof that the mask has not yet become a reflex, François, who came to have his bike repaired, had completely forgotten. But seeing the many signs recalling the new rule, he “asked a lovely person to [lui] give one “, he says.” The mask has to become a habit, especially when you play sports: it’s not very pleasant to have something that prevents you from breathing “.

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