Assemblies in the premises of the nightlife in Piazza Bologna, fines and closings


Assemblies and movida out of control. So much as to require the closure of Piazza Bologna, the heart of the nightlife of young people in the area, for the formation of strong gatherings, which effectively prevented compliance with the rules aimed at limiting the infection by Coronavirus. From Trastevere to Fiumicino, passing through the areas of the Nomentano and the Trieste district, there were dozens of fines and premises closed for 5 days due to the presence of crowds of people inside and outside the activities.

Piazza Bologna is closed

The most critical situations, as mentioned, in Piazza Bologna where, as part of the usual evening checks in the nightlife places, on Friday evening a reinforced garrison was necessary where numerous patrols of the Local Police of Rome Capital, Special and territorial Units, had to proceed with the isolation of the square for the formation of strong gatherings, which effectively prevented compliance with the rules aimed at limiting the infection.

The agents, in addition to dispersing the crowd and restoring social distancing, carried out targeted checks in all the areas of the area, together with the staff of the Carabinieri Company Compagnia Roma Parioli, which led, in addition to the closure of some businesses due to the presence of crowds of people inside and outside the activities, the sanction of the managers for failure to comply with the rules laid down for the containment of the Coronavirus.

The owner of an exercise was also sanctioned for the failure to comply with the hygiene and health requirements and related to the safety of food products that were placed under seizure as they lack mandatory traceability requirements. In order to avoid the upsurge of the phenomenon, the supervision and supervision of the white helmets continued until dawn on Saturday morning.

Only in the area of ​​Piazza Bologna and neighboring streets were over 300 checks carried out by the ‘white helmets’ in the evening, not only to protect public health but also for road safety purposes and to combat abuse related to the consumption, sale and administration of alcoholic beverages: about twenty disputes for non-compliance with the anti-alcohol rules, based on the provisions of the Urban Police Regulations, over 30 instead of high penalties for failure to comply with the highway code.

Assemblies in the Trieste district and Viale Ippocrate

The surveillance activity of the carabinieri has also affected piazza Istria and viale Ippocrate, meeting places for young people, until late. During the checks, 19 violations were alleged for alcohol consumption on the street, effectively freeing the whole green area of ​​the square where gatherings were present, guaranteeing social distancing, and 11, deferred, for gatherings inside public exercises .

In via Lorenzo il Magnifico, a neighborhood shop was sanctioned for not using the mask and for the presence of assembled customers. In Piazza Istria, a public exercise was sanctioned for gatherings inside, in violation of the regional ordinance, closed immediately but without further closing days because it did not repeat the offense. In Viale Ippocrate, a room was sanctioned for lack of sanitary products for sanitizing in the bathroom.

Check the Trastevere nightlife

The neighborhood changes but not the situation. As in Piazza Bologna, also in Trastevere during the evening of Friday and until late at night, the Carabinieri of the Compagnia Roma Trastevere with the collaboration of those of the 8th Lazio Regiment and the NAS of Rome, carried out meticulous checks in the historic district, in particular between Piazza Trilussa, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Piazza San Callisto and Piazza San Cosimato.

The checks concerned in particular compliance with the provisions relating to the prohibition of gathering in public places or at premises, which are also required to respect and enforce the indications contained in the government measures, of the Lazio Region and of the Municipality of Rome Capital on the subject of prevention and containment of the contagion from Covid-19.

In total, checks were carried out on 10 commercial activities, in three of which irregularities were detected.

It is a restaurant in via della Pelliccia and a pub in via del Politeama, for which the Carabinieri have sent a report to the ASL of Rome for the possible adoption of suspension of the license due to poor hygiene conditions, and a pub in via Garibaldi which was sanctioned for 3,000 euros for the failure to apply Haccp procedures.

During the checks, the Carabinieri identified 208 people, including patrons and passers-by, reporting a young man, as hiring agent, to the Territorial Office of the Government of Rome, because he was found in possession of 2.5 g of marijuana.

Closed local Opera in Fiumicino

From the Roman nightlife to that of the Lazio coast, the agents of the State Police of the Fiumicino police station, directed by Somma Catello, during the extraordinary services of control of the territory carried out on the evening of 10 July last, found about 250 young people huddled at the exterior of a local airport. For this reason, the policemen proceeded to close the “Opera” room immediately and for 5 days, for violating the measures to contain the spread of Covid19.

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The policemen, who arrived outside the restaurant, found themselves facing about 250 young people aged between 14 and 24, crowded and without individual protective devices, intent on listening to loud music, causing disturbance to the whole neighborhood.

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