asked for 7 and a half years in prison


“A carnage was avoided, in an operation not only massacred but paramilitary. There could have been at least 20 victims. This is one of the most disturbing cases in our judicial history. A nightmare scenario, to freeze the blood. Even at a European level I find it hard to find precedents ». The chief public prosecutor Arturo Garzoni has asked for 7 and a half years in prison, on suspended sentence, for the crime of preparatory acts punishable by multiple assassination for the 21-year-old on trial today at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano for the foiled massacre at the Cantonal School of Commerce of Bellinzona. According to the accusation, “death was a worm in his mind, as evidenced by the chilling farewell video he shot on May 3, 2018. A mystical and murderous escalation never seen in our latitudes. He also left a testament to evil, to explain his mad gesture to everyone so that no one would forget the feat. For him, therefore, no extenuating circumstance ». In addition, a permanent stationary treatment was requested, seen as the only way to allow the boy to regain his life and “to limit his danger, still given, and the risk of recurrence. He is lost ».

«He lost his mind in 2014»

He is an intelligent boy, who lost his mind, falling “into a tremendous depression”, when in 2014 he was fired from a former federal director: “A mistake, theft, which was the beginning of the end. That prevented him from managing even the inevitable disappointments of love, which he cannot overcome. The desire to do harm, to kill, emerges in him. He has anger in his body ». For two years no one – neither family, nor friends nor even classmates – realizes they have “a real time bomb” at their side. A situation that gradually became “explosive”, as can be seen from the messages sent to some friends, the investigating magistrate pointed out. “He felt like a failure. A loser. And he attempted to redeem himself by planning the attack on Commerce. A hatred towards himself that would have led him to harm others, who in turn would have felt hatred for him, “said the chief public prosecutor Arturo Garzoni.

“He had a desire to kill”

For the pp, these are preparatory acts punishable by multiple assassination: «There was a detailed plan, complete with the school plan, and the concrete technical and organizational provisions aimed at the massacre. From 2016 the desire to kill had crept into him ». So he begins to buy “deadly weapons” and begins, in parallel, to train by going to the shooting range. «The definitive proof, as previously said, is the video-testament. Shocking. It makes you shiver. A confession recorded for future memory that weighs like a boulder on the defendant’s criminal liability. He wanted to kill and then kill himself. “To bring down hell on Earth”, to use his own words “, stressed Arturo Garzoni. A plan that is reflected in the infinity of “headache-causing writings” that were found at the home of the ex-pupil on the day of his arrest on May 10, 2018: “His were not mere fantasies. He was ready to go into action with weapons of war. It had a domestic arsenal and over 3,000 bullets. A rifle, one thinks, was even ready for use, with 100 bullets loaded. “

‘The legacy of evil’, the will

As if that were not enough, in the initial phase of the foiled attack on Commerce, the young man “had thought of detonating bombs. Unfortunately, taking the example of some massacres perpetrated in the United States of America “. He also left a will, called “The Legacy of Evil”, dated May 2, 2018. So a dozen days before the mass violence act, scheduled for May 15, during the exam session. “The massacre project could not be complete without an exit worthy of the other authors of massacres: committing suicide. A motive and perverse ways. He acted out of hatred, unscrupulously, “said chief public prosecutor Arturo Garzoni.

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