Arnhemmer Clemens Westerhof accused of selling World Cup match


The former Arnhem coach Clemens Westerhof is accused of selling a World Cup match in his time as national coach of Nigeria. His then assistant Jo Bonfrère says that Westerhof has sold the game against Italy in the eighth finals of the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Westerhof and Bonfrère therefore faced each other today during summary proceedings in the court in Arnhem.

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It is not entirely clear how this went exactly. During the tournament, Westerhof was already accused by the players of the Nigerian selection that he did not play with the strongest team against Italy. He would prefer players of whom he could also participate in the transfer rights as a broker. Putting them up against Italy enabled the transfer value to increase significantly. “I was not drafted because I was critical. He was not a coach. He was a chat leader, a chat maker,” said then-captain Stephen Keshi.Stephen Keshi as head coach of Nigeria (photo: ANP)

Jo Bonfrère was assistant coach of Westerhof at that World Cup. Later, he took over Westerhof’s head coach with Nigeria and became Olympic champion with the team.

Westerhof has now filed a lawsuit against his former assistant, because he believes his accusations are wrong and he wants his name cleared. He also wants compensation.

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