Argentario, villa party with 350 people: father and son reported – Cronaca


Carabinieri in action
Porto Ercole (Grosseto), 12 July 2020 – They organized a party inside their villa at the Argentario over 350 people without the required licenses and without complying with the ban on gatherings for the Coronavirus emergency. For this father and son were reported by the carabinieri in Porto Ercole (Grosseto). Around two o’clock last night the military, engaged in control of the area, heard loud music coming from a luxurious house with hundreds of young people present inside and in the immediate vicinity. Many reports of citizens arrived at 112. Father and son will have to answer in competition for crimes of public restraints without a license, unauthorized opening of places of public entertainment, disturbance of public peace and violation of the ban on gatherings. During the night, six young people were also identified and reported, including four minors, who took part in a fight for futile reasons at the entrance of the same villa and then disappeared, leaving an injured boy on the spot who received a prognosis for 30 days.

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