are you the true heir of the Defender?


WE HAVE ALREADY MET? – The offer of specialist off-road vehicles is decreasing and, despite the off-road capabilities of the new Land Rover Defender, someone “regrets” a simpler car, with a chassis with longitudinal members and rigid axles. There Ineos Grenadier is designed for them: it is developed by Ineos, a chemical giant with 22,000 employees and a turnover of 60 billion euros in 2019, and takes its name from the London pub where the idea matured in 2017. Already at first glance it is evident that the car is inspired by the previous Defender: flat surfaces, horizontal wheel arches and round lights testify to this.

BMW ENGINES – According to who developed it, though Ineos Grenadier it offers a spacious interior (poor airiness was one of the defects of the first Defender), modern and comfortable, with the length of the five-door version reaching around 480 cm. For its development, Ineos turned to companies with proven experience: Magna Steyer (the same one that builds the Mercedes G-Class, the BMW Z4, the Toyota Supra, the Jaguar I-Pace and others), Carraro for the axles and ZF for the change. The latter is the proven 8-speed automatic used by many other manufacturers, such as Land Rover, Audi and BMW. The latter supplies the engines: 3.0 six-cylinder in-line engines, both petrol and diesel. Hybrid variants (of any type) are excluded, while Ineos makes no secret of working on an entirely electric version, for which however the times are not yet ripe: there is talk of at least 5-10 years before its arrival. A four-door pick-up variant was also confirmed, while the manual transmission was excluded, since, according to Ineos, it is less reliable and is not required by those who use vehicles of this type for work. The traction is only of the permanent integral type, with lockable differentials.

ARRIVES AT THE END OF 2021 – The design of the Ineos Grenadier it is practically definitive, except for some details (such as the tailpipes); in illustrating the project, the design manager, Toby Ecuyer, explained how this was born to be an authentic off-road vehicle, where form follows function and does not want to be as aggressive as certain modern SUVs. And if you are wondering why Grenadier has a “shield” on the front, know that it is a “tribute” to some British Army vehicles, which had it on the grid. According to plans, the car will begin to be produced towards the end of 2021: chassis and bodywork (all steel, except doors, mudguards and aluminum hood) will be pre-assembled in Portugal: in Estarreja, where there is a Gestamp factory , which actually builds the frame. Subsequently, the Grenadier will be completed in a new factory in Wales.

TESTS START – To explain why the design of the Ineos Grenadier Ineos Automotive CEO Dirk Heilmann thought about it, it was revealed almost two years before the arrival at the dealerships: “Most manufacturers would refrain from revealing it, but we are a new reality. And now showing the design allows us to focus on the next phase, that is to test its capabilities and resistance “. The goal is to make prototypes travel 1.8 million kilometers over the next year, in all conditions and without camouflage that can distort the results.

CUSTOMIZABLE – Ineos is already in contact with dozens of off-road enthusiasts, who actively collaborate by submitting comments and suggestions. The house knows well, in fact, that this is a means that lends itself well to modifications, which are indeed encouraged: on the doors there are already guides to fix the most varied objects and “extra” electric cables are already provided to power the headlights , winches and so on. Many details still to be revealed, such as the interior design, the methods of sale (which will be “as direct as possible”, say to Ineos) and assistance. On this last point, the house ensures that, given the type of vehicle, ensuring the supply of spare parts will be a priority. Finally, the type of technology that Grenadier can offer for safety has yet to be clarified, but it has already been clarified that “there will be only the minimum of driving aids required by law, such as the rear-view camera for the USA”.

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