Apple Watch Series 6 can measure oxygen levels in your blood


Everything is increasingly about health with the Apple Watch. In the Apple Watch Series 4 two years ago, Apple added the ECG function to the Apple Watch, with which you can make a heart video. The Apple Watch also warns of an irregular heart rhythm. All of these features can alert you to heart health problems early on, but Apple would like to take it a step further with the next-generation Apple Watch. Digitimes writes that the Apple Watch Series 6 can measure your oxygen levels.

Apple Watch Series 6 can measure oxygen levels

Digitimes information comes from the production chain. According to the sources, the new generation of Apple Watch will receive sensors that measure your sleep condition, as well as the oxygen level in your blood. Earlier indications surfaced in iOS 14 that the Apple Watch will soon measure your oxygen level, but it was still unclear whether a specific model is needed for that. Apple didn’t say anything about measuring your oxygen levels during the iOS 14 and watchOS 7 announcement, so it looks like you need the very latest Apple Watch for that.

To enable the feature, Apple is likely improving the sensors included in the Apple Watch. Too little oxygen in your blood can be a cause of heart problems. In a healthy person, the percentage of oxygen is between 95% and 100%. Everything underneath can cause quite a few health problems. The Apple Watch could warn for this, just like the watch already does with irregular heart rhythms.

According to Digitimes, the development of the new Apple Watch is progressing smoothly, even if the question is when the Apple Watch Series 6 will appear. The availability of the iPhone 12 has officially been delayed by a few weeks. There is a chance that Apple will hold an event in September and announce the new products, but that it will take a little longer before they are in stores. This may also apply to the new Apple Watch, although there are no concrete indications for this.


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