Apple does not want to take over ARM Holdings after calls


Nvidia interested

Apple is said to have held talks with chip designer ARM Holdings about a possible acquisition. But in the end it was decided not to do that.

Earlier this month, it became clear that SoftBank is considering selling or listing ARM Holdings as an independent company. Apple would be a potential candidate, but according to new rumors, Apple is abandoning it. Talks would have been held. ARM mainly makes money with licenses for the chip designs. That would fit poorly with Apple’s current corporate structure. An acquisition by Apple could also cause difficulties, because Apple will then have too dominant a position in the tech world. Almost all competitors use ARM’s chip designs. An acquisition would likely raise major concerns with the approving authorities.

Nvidia may be interested. This company makes graphics cards for gaming and the business market. Continuing, this could well be the largest acquisition in the chip industry to date. ARM designs and licenses the architecture for, among other things, Apple’s A-series processors.

A takeover of ARM seems attractive, but will be difficult at the same time. It should be made clear during the acquisition that ARM will continue to provide access to the ARM instruction set to any interested company at a fair price in the future. This was successful with the acquisition by SoftBank, since the Japanese company is mainly active in the field of services such as telecom. SoftBank does not make computers or smartphones itself.

Apple A14 chip

Apple plans to move with the Mac to Apple Silicon, an ARM architecture-based chip derived from current A-series processors in the iPhone and iPad. The move should take two years to complete and will see Apple say goodbye to Intel. Earlier, Apple chose not to build 5G modems from Intel in future iPhones.

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