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Unless you have a PC player on your team yourself.

As Apex Legends coming to the Switch later this year and getting cross-play, players on the console will only compete against other PC players if there is also a PC player on your team. That is what software engineer Jake Smullin of Respawn Entertainment knows via TikTok.

Some console players were concerned that PC players would dominate online games if the game got cross-play. That would ruin the game for them. With the above answer, the developer reassures those players, cross-play will only have an impact if you team up with PC players yourself.

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“We want to clarify something about cross-play. You will only end up in cross-play lobbies with PC players if you have a PC player on your team. Many console players were concerned about this, but they don’t have to. Everyone should should be rather excited, “said Jake Smullin.

Apex Legends isn’t the only Battle Royale PC players have problems with. For example, PC cheaters previously ruined Call of Duty: Warzone. Infinity Ward solved that by placing Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters in a separate lobby.

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