Anxiety after brain tumor. “Francesco does not follow the therapies”


There is a coexistence in the immediate future of Francesco Chiofalo and Antonella Fiordelisi. But while summer gives important projects to one of the most talked about couples on the web, the anxiety and fear for the health of the personal trainer take over. In a recent interview, in fact, Antonella Fiordelisi said she was extremely worried about her partner who, after the brain tumor, would not be taking care of himself.

The couple, after a moment of crisis experienced last summer, enjoy the newfound harmony in the splendid setting of the Amalfi coast. Francesco Chiofalo and Antonella Fiordelisi are spending a few days of vacation in Positano, in the company of Giulia Cavaglia and Francesco Sole. However, fears and concerns related to the health of “Lentil” are emerging from the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The former protagonist of Temptation Island last January he discovered that he had a brain tumor, then defeated after major surgery and subsequent medical treatment. Today, however, fears of a relapse worry Fiordelisi who, with Chiofalo, is ready to take an important step: coexistence.

In a letter written and sent to the weekly More Antonella Fiordelisi has confessed all her fears for the health of Francesco Chiofalo who, in the last year, would have stopped control visits and therapies related to cancer to the brain. The beautiful Salerno influencer dedicated a long and heartfelt letter to her boyfriend asking him to think about his health: “You no longer want to be checked and you don’t follow the therapies that doctors give you. I will accept to live with you only if you promise not to neglect your health. On this I do not settle“.

In the letter addressed to her companion on the eve of living together with Rome, Fiordelisi did not spare her boyfriend from some thrust, linked to the betrayals of the ex in the past: “Know that I will not be able to tolerate other lies, in the past I have forgiven you i treachery but now no longer“. Before concluding his letter, the influencer then asked Chiofalo to give him a show of love:”You have to quit smoking. Smoking is bad for your health, even taking into account the cancer you have had, and passive smoking also hurts me“.

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