Antwerp measures threaten to put the cup and promotion final in the soup – Football News


The province of Antwerp has taken additional measures to combat COVID-19. For example, there is a general ban on contact sports for people aged eighteen and above. And that has direct consequences for football.

It is currently looking at coffee grounds, but what will happen to this weekend’s cup and promotion final? The games are played in Brussels and Leuven respectively, but with Antwerp FC and Beerschot there are Antwerp clubs on the field.

Cathy Berx, however, left an opening for the competition start and the possible home games of, for example, Antwerp clubs. “We are looking at the situation from day to day,” said the governor. “But we all agree that public health comes first.”

Only question marks

Tomorrow there may be more clarity with the publication of the provincial decree. Are Beerschot, Antwerp and Mechelen allowed to train at all? What about the competition start? It will be exciting hours and days …

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