Antwerp introduces curfew and homework obligation


The province of Antwerp is introducing a curfew. Telework is mandatory, all contact sports are banned, and a mask is required throughout the territory. That has been decided by the provincial crisis cell.

In the province of Antwerp there will be a curfew, in which everyone has to be at home between 11.30 pm and 6 am, except for necessary trips such as to work or the hospital. The catering industry must close at 11 pm. That was decided by the provincial crisis cell on Monday evening. The measures will in any case apply for the next four weeks.

Throughout the territory of the province, a mask will be required in the public domain and in places where the physical distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed. Individual contact sports are prohibited, team sports are only allowed for young people up to the age of 18.

In the zone around the city of Antwerp, even stricter measures may follow, such as a ban on all events in banquet halls and the use of fitness halls. Telework is also mandatory, except for those who are absolutely impossible.

“It is absolutely forbidden to party,” said provincial governor Cathy Bercx late Monday evening: “Do not come to the province of Antwerp now, for the sake of your own health.”

Lockdown like states

The province of West Flanders also had a crisis meeting on Monday about the measures to be taken. Due to the strict measures announced by the National Security Council earlier today, West Flanders is not taking any additional measures.

Antwerp is much more affected by the epidemic. Virologist Marc Van Ranst declared on Monday evening that a ‘very strict intervention’ was needed in Antwerp, with ‘lockdown-like conditions’.

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