Antwerp has apartments ready for corona cases that …


The city of Antwerp has prepared a number of apartments from the urban patrimony for people who have tested positive for covid-19, but cannot go home. The individuals in question are referred to the city through a doctor who assesses that the situation requires such an approach. Nobody has used it yet.

The apartments in question are not fully-fledged emergency homes such as those that can be used by families if their home has become (temporarily) uninhabitable due to a fire or other incident. “These are rooms with a bathroom, not with all the facilities of a house,” says Michael Lescroart, spokesman for Antwerp ships for Wonen Fons Duchateau (N-VA).

“They are also not intended for homeless people, they are received through a different system,” explains Lescroart. “These apartments are for people who have tested positive and cannot quarantine at home.” According to the city, this concerns, for example, covid positives who live together with someone who is not infected in a house that is too small to live separately.

The city does not want to say how many apartments are involved. “But we are convinced that we have sufficient supply for those who need it,” says Lescroart. The price would depend on the patient’s financial ability.


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