Android declares war on “beauty mode” of photos taken with the mobile


Monday, July 20, 2020 – 02:10

The multinational wants to force companies that install the Android operating system so that beauty mode is not activated by default in their mobile phone cameras.

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The company Google seems to be considering forcing manufacturers to remove the “beauty mode” by default in Android 11, to respect the texture and skin tone of users when taking a photo.

The Android Compatibility Definition document, which has been accessed by the member of the XDA Developers portal Mishaal Rahman, has a section that refers to to the behavior of the camera API.

In this sense, the document indicates that manufacturers must ensure that the “facial appearance “is not altered in the final result.

“Any camera must ensure that facial appearance is not altered including alteration of facial geometry, facial skin tone, or smoothing of facial skin“points out the screenshot published by Rahman on his official account of the social network Twitter.

There are many companies such as Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei, which have mobile devices whose cameras seek to “perfect” the photographed people and modify their skin tone and appearance.

117 new emojis with 55 skin tones and gender variants

In addition, Google has shown the final designs of the 117 new emojis to add in the next version of Android, Android 11, on the occasion of World Emoji Day.

Unicode, the consortium multisectoral who decides on text-based standards for the Internet, announced the new emojis in January and they are now coming to Android.

Specifically, users will be able to find 62 new characters, as well as 55 skin tones and genre variants, which will arrive this fall to Android 11.

There will also be new animals like a black cat, A panda bear, insects like a worm, a cockroach or a fly and even extinct animals like the dodo.

Not only have new emojis been added, but some have been redesigned “to make them look good in dark mode to send text messages late at night,” according to the portal 9to5Google.

For his part, Apple has also shown 13 new emojis that will come with the new version of the iPhone mobile operating system, iOS 14.

Among the new Apple symbols we find a ninja, the bubble tea, a realistic-looking heart and lungs, an “Italian hand”, the transgender symbol, tamale food, a bmeran, a coin, a dodo, a beaver and even a matrioshka.

Since 2014, every July 17, World Emoji Day is celebrated, the symbols that allow us to express an idea or an emotion together with our text message and which have become common elements in our daily communication.

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