Anac, risk of price boom and drop in quality of personal protective equipment – LIVE – Politics


“Abnormal rising prices” compared to the prices recognizable before the emergency and strong variability of the same on the national territory and deviation in the quality and quantity of supplies with respect to the required characteristics. These are some of the main critical issues reported by the ANAC in the context of the current emergency, according to what is stated in the report of the National Anti-Corruption Authority.

In the first four months, the national database of public contracts (Bdncp) held by Anac recorded 61,637 procedures related to the health emergency, for a total expenditure of 3 billion. The most significant expense item is that relating to the supply of personal protective equipment (dpi), which alone represents almost 70% of the total: masks (over one billion, 38%) and other dpi such as gloves, gowns and visors (942 million). Only 3% for tampons.

Anac, more mafia corruption, with Covid devastating effects – The trend of the corruption phenomenon of the mafias “is constantly increasing. In 2019, 633 anti-Mafia interdictive measures were communicated, against 573 in 2018, 10% more, and since 2015 we are around 2,600. The figure is very worrying because criminal organizations are increasingly resorting to corrupt systems to achieve their goals, also taking advantage of emergency situations such as the one in progress, with devastating effects on the economic system and on healthy businesses, already heavily hit by the crisis “. So the president of the ANAC, Francesco Merloni.



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