An initiative in the Likud to remove the coalition chairman


Likud outrage over coalition chairman Miki Zohar: Likud MKs this evening (Tuesday) sharply criticized Zohar following the sanctions he imposed on five ministers and MKs. Moreover, there are those in the faction who plan to sign members demanding a dismissal of Zohar.

The initiator of the move is MK Shlomo Qara, who spoke with several members of the party. It should be noted that in order to oust Zohar, the consent of 19 faction members is required. Currently, the destination is not close.

Earlier, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said: “My dear Mickey. When a little man casts a huge shadow it means the sun is setting. Hopefully you will work to fulfill your mission and unite the faction.”

Archive photo: Yoni Rickner

MK Shlomo Qara claimed that “Mickey is acting in a false and manipulative manner to promote the ‘Net Mickey Zohar’ program. The three captains: the power, the money and the respect he is trying to achieve, contrary to the Likud’s values, make him think. A little C – modesty – will not hurt him. I will not let him harm my activities for the citizens of Israel. ”

“Why is it false and manipulative?” Kari wrote, “because he repeatedly failed to run the coalition, including in the vote in question last week. Only offsets with the joint. Despite this, Mickey decided to go wild without any restraint. Shame! ”

After Likud faction members disappeared last week from voting on the conversion law and after a difficult conversation at a Likud faction meeting yesterday, Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar announced today the sanctions he is imposing on ministers and MKs who have disappeared from the plenum. Zohar’s decision was made in coordination with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who decided to back up Zohar’s moves in order to draw a line in the Likud.

The Minister of Internal Security, Amir Ohana, who voted in favor of the bill banning conversion therapies, was given two ministerial posts in the plenum. Minister Eli Cohen was given three shifts. Also, on Ministers Katz, Galant and Akunis, Zohar imposed one more shift. Additional MKs such as Uzi Dayan, Sharan Hashakel, Shlomo Qarai and Michal Shir were sentenced to not be able to raise bills in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation until the end of the summer session.

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