An agreement was reached: the brothers ‘and sisters’ strike ended


The brothers ‘and sisters’ strike that began this morning (Monday) has come to an end after agreements were reached between the parties. Among other things, it was agreed that 2,000 additional nursing standards would be added, with 1,600 of them for hospitalization and 400 for the community and public health system. Negotiations exploded yesterday between the chairman of the Histadrut Brothers and Sisters and the director general of the Ministry of Finance and members of the budget industry, but apparently the Ministry of Finance feared that the consequences of the strike would be devastating and therefore accelerated the negotiations.

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The strike started today at 7:00, but as mentioned, it did not last long. Due to the strike, during the day the nursing staff did not work in all the clinics as well as in the institutes and day hospitals. The operating rooms switched to a Shabbat format, following which dozens of non-urgent surgeries were canceled, in the intensive care units the nursing staff also switched to a Shabbat format.

As part of the agreement reached, it was agreed that a joint team would be established immediately, which would submit its recommendations regarding a regular supplement to the hospital system within 30 days, prior to the budget discussions. The official statement sent reads: “The Minister of Finance has instructed that this issue should be prioritized in the health budget budget discussions and will work to add nursing standards on a regular basis.”

Doctors in a hospital | Photo: Moshe Shai, Flash 90, News

The agreement also decided on a number of measures that would regulate additional issues: increasing rents for nurses in the periphery, providing an economic incentive to strengthen the public health system in the south, extending special care agreements during the corona period, and arranging payment for nurses during the isolation period.

Ilana Cohen, chairwoman of the Histadrut Brothers and Sisters, responded to the outline reached, saying: “I would like to personally thank the Ministers of Finance, Health and the directors of their ministry, and all the brothers and sisters in the State of Israel who worked for the health of Israeli citizens.”

The Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, said: “The State of Israel owes a great debt to the public of nurses, who are at the forefront of the struggle for public health. To enable them to fulfill their role in the most appropriate way. ”

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