Amnesty: crisis among Yazidi children who have been victims of IS | Abroad


It concerns almost two thousand children who have been detained by IS and have returned to their parents, according to the organization Amnesty International (AI). They were kidnapped and tortured, raped and forced to fight in ISIS hands. According to AI, they experienced countless other horrific human rights violations.

“While the nightmare of their past has passed, there are still many difficulties for these children,” said the organization. “After suffering the atrocities of war at an extremely young age, they now urgently need help from the national authorities in Iraq and the international community to rebuild their future.”


Often children of raped women have been separated from their mothers, and Amnesty calls for a quick end to this forced divorce. Many Yazidi women were sex slaves and hundreds of children were born as a result. Many of these children are not accepted in the Yazidi community, Amnesty said.

The organization bases its findings on its own research in Iraqi Kurdistan. Employees interviewed 29 survivors captured by IS as a child. They also spoke to 25 family members caring for these children and 68 experts.

Horrors of war

Between 2014 and 2017, ISIS committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and what the United Nations describes as genocide against the Yazidi community in Iraq. Many Yazidi children were also murdered.


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