Amnesty calls on Iraq and international community to Yezidi-k …


Amnesty International calls on the Iraqi authorities and the international community to provide the Yazidi children with all the support they need. A human rights organization report released Thursday said that nearly 2,000 children detained by the Islamic State (IS) are in physical and mental health crises.

Between February 17 and 27, Amnesty researchers visited Iraqi Kurdistan and interviewed 29 survivors captured by IS as a child. They also spoke to family members who care for these children and experts such as doctors, psychotherapists, NGO, government and United Nations employees, Amnesty International Flanders said in a press release accompanying the publication of the report ‘Legacy of Terror: The Plight or Yezidi Child Survivors or ISIS ‘.

An estimated 1,992 children who returned to their families after being kidnapped by IS were tortured, raped and / or forced to fight by the terror militia. They have post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and flashbacks, nightmares, and mood swings, according to the researchers.

Two groups of children need special attention: former child soldiers and girls who experienced sexual violence. Child soldiers often received no help after their return, while sexual violence survivor programs often do not target young girls, Amnesty said.

The organization also calls on the international community to end the forced separation of women and their children born as a result of rape by IS members. Many of these hundreds of children are not accepted in the Yezidi community.


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