Amazfit Band 5, the Xiaomi-branded smartband is ready


Amazfit Band 5 is ready to hit the market. It will be a Smart wearable full of functions and with a decidedly low price.

It will be built and engineered directly by Huami, company very close to the largest Xiaomi. It will compete in the market of the new generation Bands, Xiaomi and Redmi allies included.

Just a few days ago we talked about the new one Mi Band 4C and the incredible resemblance to Redmi Band. It is obvious that all three companies, being connected in a certain sense, have very similar products but located in different markets.

There FCC has certified a document stating that the product respects the rules to be placed on the market and, thanks to this, we can deduce different technical characteristics.

The display will be oled with a high brightness to be consulted in direct sunlight. Huami includes many ways to monitor sports, with the automatic function that notices when we start a new sport and offers us to monitor it.

There is also a sensor for measuring heart beats – always on type – and the possibility of being able to immerse it up to 50 meters. This feature also makes it useful for sportsmen who carry out water activities. The battery is from 125 mAh and will guarantee an autonomy of about 3 weeks with average use.

As said at the beginning, the 3 companies come out in the open playing their cards with 3 “different” Bands. The differences regarding the data sheet are really small, so it is plausible that the differences will all be in the software functions that can be used.

Amazfit Band 5 will come very soon. We don’t know the price but, knowing the Amazfit product company, we expect it very similar to that of the Mi Band 5 and that of the Redmi Band.

While waiting for the Mi Band 4C you can buy the Mi Band 4, excellent for monitoring your life. You can buy it here.

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