Amantea, the army will monitor Coronavirus positive immigrants


REGGIO CALABRIA – In the end in Amantea it was decided to deploy the army. After a whole day of tensions, roadblocks, protests and sit-ins against the transfer to the country of the 28 Bengali migrants rescued from the Mediterranean, of which 13 were positive at Covid19, the Prefecture of Cosenza decided to entrust the military with the security of facility in which they are hosted.

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From the capital Bruzio, where they are employed in the “Safe roads” operation – it was decided during a meeting extended also to the armed forces and the prevention department of the health company – the patrols were diverted to the small center of the Tyrrhenian and lined up around the building. Whether to defend migrants from protests or prevent someone from straying, no one said so. Of course, the rules are clear. Nobody gets in and nobody gets out. Only doctors, nurses and personnel authorized to bring food and basic necessities will be authorized to enter the facility.



Inspections on board and administrative detention. So the government stops NGOs

The first night slipped away without incident. After the dissolution of the spontaneous garrison that blocked the state for the whole day yesterday, there were no further protests. Today, Monday, tensions could return in the morning. A new sit-in should begin soon in front of the Municipality, run by prefect commissioners after the dissolution of the administration for mafia. The meeting, which took place in the late afternoon of yesterday, between a delegation of citizens and the authorities was of no use.Those migrants – the protesters stubborn – must go away. “This is not a protest against migrants. Amantea has been and is today a welcoming land that thrives on tourism especially in the summer” they argue. There is – they argue – fear of possible contagions and possible repercussions on the tourist economy of the area. “The first cancellations have already arrived” they complained yesterday in the square. Yet, unlike vacationers and out-of-home travelers, for whom the buffer requirement has been suspended, migrants have been tested, are monitored regularly and cannot have any contact with the outside.

Amantea is not the only country to which migrants rescued in the Mediterranean have been transferred and accompanied to Roccella Jonica. There, the unaccompanied minors remained, 20 of which 5 positive, but it was the mayor Vittorio Zito that turned off any controversy in the bud. “If it is a duty to organize the reception of unaccompanied minors, all children between 13 and 15 who have in their eyes the sadness of escaping from their home, the pain for what they have seen and fear for the future, you do at best and that’s it, “he wrote on Facebook. The protection of the health of the citizens of Roccella is a priority – he explained – but it is possible to manage the situation safely without “generating any danger for citizens and tourists. But being careful not to abandon even for a moment the concern to ensure full respect for the dignity of these fragile beings “. And he adds “We know we have to do it, because it is our duty as men to do it”. Even in Bova Marina, where another group of castaways has been transferred, the summoning of an extraordinary city council scheduled for tonight was enough to reassure the citizens.

The initiatives of the regional government of the force-worker Jole Santelli, who yesterday wrote to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte a letter that has the tones of an aut-aut, are of a completely different sign. Without sending “lazaretto ships” to moor in front of the coasts such as Moby Zazà – Santelli threatens – “I will not hesitate to prohibit landings”. And also the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini blows on the fire. “Ports wide open, virus-positive immigrants but Italians under control and threatened to remain in a” state of emergency “until New Year’s Eve” he says, to conclude “There are dozens of new cases of virus-positive immigrants, this government is endangering the ‘Italy”.

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