«Always ready to close areas, the country should not underestimate the virus»


Minister Boccia, would you like to launch an appeal for the center-right to vote in favor of prolonging the state of emergency?
“No appeal is needed.”
And why
«Many center-right voters know that it is a due act proposed by the Government that has made the country safe. Just as there are many center-right administrators and governors who understand very well the mechanisms of government of public affairs. The state of emergency is our Noah’s Ark ».
«The Ark was built before the flood and not after. Italy is today a model in the world on the protection of health and life. As long as Covid19 is in circulation, exceptional measures can always be used for workers, businesses, healthcare, schools and for any sector on which the government, regions and local authorities are called to give daily answers. I have faith in the sense of responsibility of the opposition ».

Autonomy is reduced. And Parliament will decide on regional health
Fewer taxes for the virus, but the state reimburses only the autonomous regions

But the League says: it’s a way for the government to stay attached to the chair and talk about the police state.
“Salvini has legitimately defended, from his point of view, the action of some European governments, so to speak, they are so sovereign that they have not limited themselves like Italy to being ready, but have abolished some fundamental freedoms”.
However, it is desirable that the use of the Dpcm be reduced in the future.
«Since the reopening of the regions on 3 June, the use has been reduced to almost zero. The number of Dpcm was intense only in the most dramatic weeks of the lockdown when it was necessary to take immediate decisions and to protect life. Those needs are gone. We want for a moment to consider that Italy has managed to get out of the emergency in a hundred days thanks to those Dpcm? “.
In the event of a return to Covid, as Luca Ricolfi on the Messaggero argues, only the affected regions must be closed and not all of Italy. Looking back, don’t you think that the Center-South, in the face of a few cases, was penalized by the lockdown since 70% were in the North?
«Italians also died in the South, even if the numbers were different. Talking to those families gives the sense of how right it was to close the whole country in a timely manner. We based ourselves on the evaluations of the technical-scientific committee, on the potential risks and we took on the responsibilities ».
But for the future?
«Today is different, there are tools and knowledge and the law in force already foresees it that it will be possible to circumscribe the territories in case of sudden crises. But do we want to leave Italy for a second? “
To go?
«There is a great nation on the other side of the world, where the decisions taken by the president have often been in contrast with those of his technical-scientific staff. What has happened is there for all to see. Those who have underestimated the risks have made their people pay a high price. From the USA to Brazil, from the United Kingdom to much of South America “.
Are Italians underestimating the virus in their daily habits?
“Yup. Some outbursts have hurt which, however well founded and I have no doubt to consider them as such, have been able to influence people and make people believe that everything is over. In this regard, I would have a nurse or doctor from a Covid department speak daily. Let’s see if he tells us it’s all over. “
Are you afraid of a second wave, as a father before a minister?
«If the epidemic returns, we risk not being able to get up again. Those who do not use the mask in places where it is mandatory or participate in gatherings are irresponsible. And who justifies it is worse than him ».
Five regions have already passed the guard level.
«I never stopped being worried. For 4 months I wake up always looking at the same data: intensive care, saturation rate, infected, healed and unfortunately deceased. Minister Speranza is doing a very careful monitoring, but the drop in the level of attention in behavior must worry everyone. It is as if for a moment we wanted to delete the images of those days. Unfortunately, I will never forget them. “
A about autonomy you said: we will take Covid’s experience into account. How will it change then?
«A year ago there were only 3 Regions on that table, now there are all the Regions and there are also the mayors who rightly ask for respect. The draft bill is inspired by the lesson of President Mattarella on how much autonomy and subsidiarity strengthen national unity. Parliament, unlike in the past, is asked to say the last word, just as it is necessary to separate the Lep matters from the others. Covid has shown that only a very strong alliance between state and regions makes a nation great. “
It will be a complicated September for the government, between regional and economic repercussions: the rumors about the end of the executive are daily. Does Conte see only the ballot box if he falls?
“Absolutely yes. This majority has a clear social and European horizon. This is a government that has brought Italy back to the center of decisions in Europe. There is no alternative. “
Regionali, are you confident of an appeal by Grillo to unlock agreements with the M5S?
«I argue from day one that the alliance with the M5S is a long-term government project based on many common programs. Why not re-propose this sharing also at a local level especially where, as in Puglia, the failure to reach an agreement benefits the right? “.
In this phase 3 the government appears stuck on the main dossiers, it cannot deny it.
«So far we have dealt with the greatest emergency in the history of the Italian Republic. It is clear that there are now all the other dossiers, but we are ready: from Alitalia, to Ilva, from Autostrade to the single network. Meanwhile, the Pnr has gone to Brussels and you will see the result of the General States in the Autumn recovery plan. You can and must accelerate as Zingaretti asks ».
Meanwhile, Di Maio has met Draghi: is an executive led by the ex-ECB unlikely?
«In Italy we can find dietrologies on everything. If in Germany the Foreign Minister met the former head of the ECB, no one would be surprised. And anyway a chat with Draghi is always good ».
Sala proposes the return of the wage cages.
«I did not read the proposal, but in 2020 and with the world now interconnected by the 5G network, proposing a scheme of economic rebalancing on the basis of incomes and not of investments, perhaps in high technology, frankly seems to me an old proposal. Already the wages of the South are already lower than those of the North. Maybe we’ll see each other and talk about it in friendship ».


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