Also the United States, Serbia and Kosovo on the list of countries with a quarantine obligation



02.07.2020 – 18:450

They are those considered, according to some epidemiological criteria, by the Federal Council at high risk of contagion. Anyone who has been there in the past 14 days or returns must go into isolation

BERN – Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Armenia. Azerbaijan. Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Iraq, Turks and Caicos Islands, Israel, Kosovo, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Russia, Serbia , United States of America, South Africa and Sweden: here is the list of countries considered to be at high risk of contagion by the Federal Council.

Those who return from one of them, or have been there in the last 14 days, are obliged to go directly to their home or other suitable accommodation immediately after entry. They must stay there continuously for ten days from their entry (quarantine). In the list, made public today, there are numerous countries usually destination for summer holidays and others from which many inhabitants of Switzerland come, such as Kosovo or Serbia. Note that there are also the USa.

For Bern, a high-risk country means that “in the state or region in question the number of new infections per 100,000 people has exceeded 60 in the last 14 days; the information available from the state or region in question does not allow a reliable assessment of the risk situation and there are indications that suggest a high risk of contagion in the State or region in question; in the last four weeks infected people who have stayed in the State or region in question have entered Switzerland several times “.

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