also 5 and 7 series as EV


BMW’s electro-offensive has been launched before. Already 11 percent of the BMWs sold are electrified, next year that should be 25 percent. In addition to many plug-in hybrid models, BMW now also comes with fully electric versions of the X1, and the BMW 5 and 7 Series must also believe it.

Electrical strategy

The BMW international strategy is underlined by this BMW electrical offensive. “In 2030 million, seven million electrified BMWs will be driving around, two-thirds of which will be fully electric,” said Dutchman Pieter Nota, who is responsible for sales and marketing as a member of BMW AG’s board of directors. Note also emphasized that BMW is on track to meet European emissions requirements and has no need for postponement. Also, the brand will not use corona excuses like some other manufacturers have tried.

BMW X1 electro-offensive from BMW
The BMW X1 Xdrive 25e is the latest PHEV with 4WD thanks to a rear electric motor.

Thirteen fully electric BMWs over three years

In three years’ time, BMW will offer 25 electrified models, 13 of which are fully electric. This includes the now announced i5 and i7, because that is what the electric successors of the 5 and 7 series will probably be called. And because the current models are not taken as the basis for this, they must first be canceled. For example, the contract for the newly facelifted 5-Series, which will be at dealers this November, will continue for another three years. The X1 was also facelifted this year. It was the turn of the 7 Series last year.

BMW i4 front electro-offensive
The i4 looks more like BMW than the i3.

The next fully electric BMW is the iX3 (see video below). That is a compact SUV with a WLTP range of 460 km. This is still at the dealer at the end of this year. It will be delivered in 2021 for a starting price of around 71,000 euros. The previously announced, all-electric i4, which will come on the market in 2022 next to the BMW 3-Series, is one of the first BMWs of the next generation. It’s also the first all-electric BMW to appeal to the brand’s sports sedan culture. This i4 will be joined by the i5 and i7, which will probably appeal more to the current BMW customer than the very revolutionary uncompromising i3, which dates from 2013.

Pioneer i3 is getting old

The i3 is really clearly positioned and received as a super city car. The i3 was so far ahead with its carbon fiber base that BMW continues to make it for the time being. A special car with an exceptional lifespan, because while a normal BMW lasts about seven years, this i3 will remain on sale until 2024. Then this pioneer has been employed for no less than 11 years and can claim the title of the most modern senior citizen in our opinion.

BMW i3S Electric Offensive from BMW
The i3 is now seven years old.

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