Allegri, Braida and not only with Arnault


Ibrahimovic, Allegri and Thiago Silva (Getty Images)

AC Milan transfer market, rumors of the transfer of the club to Arnault and the Louis Vuitton group are back: Allegri and Braida in the saddle, all market names

We enter a month of July fundamental for the future of Milan. On the field, the Rossoneri are playing for access to the next edition of theEuropa League, with the team of Pioli in seventh place and in full swing. Challenges with Lazio, Juventus is Naplesin the coming days, will say a lot about the prospects of the Devil. From a corporate point of view, we are talking about a possible transfer of the club. In particular, the name of Bernard returns Arnault and that of the group Louis Vuitton, which had already been rumored in the more or less recent past. On the microphones of, Marcel vulpis explained the difficulty of the sale of Milan. Situation to be monitored, however, with today’s edition of ‘Repubblica’ which relaunches on a possible meeting, soon, between Arnault and Gordon Singer which could upset the club’s future. We take stock of the possible new face of Milan, starting with the names of Braida and Allegri, with any moves on the market. All the news from the transfer market and beyond: CLICK HERE!

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Milan Allegri transfer market
Massimiliano Allegri @ Getty Images

Milan transfer market, return to the past: Allegri and Braida on pole

The summit between the group leader Elliott and the French tycoon could take place not immediately, but a few weeks from now. Arnault’s renewed interest in Milan, always according to ‘Repubblica’, would materialize on the desire to associate the brand of the most titled Italian club with its brand, in a strategic city for the world of fashion and luxury. The opening of the Municipality of Milan to the new stadium, with adjoining commercial spaces to be filled, would also play a very important part. The purchase figure would remain valued at around € 1 billion, with important names from the past: that of Ariedo Braida as sports director and that of Massimiliano Allegri on the bench. Names that would manifest a willingness to revive in a rather clear style on the part of the Devil, who could aim again at the heights of Italian and European football with a project of broad financial scope.

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Milan Ibrahimovic transfer market
Ibrahimovic (Getty Images)

AC Milan transfer market, from Ibrahimovic to Thiago Silva: the names for the new cycle

A few months ago, our editorial team had speculated the names of the new Milan branded Allegri. It is no mystery that the Livorno technician would ask for adequate technical guarantees and names with sufficient experience for his bis a cycle Milanello. It goes without saying, that one should start with the confirmations of the most important players of the current squad. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but not only. With a new property, negotiations for Gianluigi’s contract renewals could resume and gain credibility Donnarumma and Alessio Romagnoli. First of all, the new Devil should start again. With important operations to be achieved in the incoming market. The assault would certainly begin for the great return of Thiago Silva, released from the PSG and with the will to get involved again in Europe. To our microphones, exclusively, Thiago Silva’s agent had already opened up the possibility of a return to Milan. Among the main names of the purchasing campaign, two great former Allegri’s could be included. Let’s talk about Blaise Matuidi and Federico Bernardeschi, whose future to Juventus it is rather uncertain. The Frenchman would guarantee a plus of dynamism and experience in midfield, the outsider would try to relaunch and highlight himself in view of the next European Championships.


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