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Aleksi Jaakkola is breaking new records! “But that throw-in was left undone” – Athletics


Jaakkola’s Monday result is second in the domestic statistics for the season.

Vehmaine Athletes Aleksi Jaakkola broke his new record of 74.51 in a hammer throw competition in Pori. Jaakkola improved his record by five cents in June.

According to the athlete, there was a chance for an even better result.

– It was a smooth rotation. There were 73-meter throws on top that I didn’t measure. Good basic doing, but that thorn throw was left undone. It, of course, I am satisfied that the record came, Jaakkola told In a press release from the Finnish Sports Confederation.

– Centimeter by centimeter I’ve gone forward. It is mainly that there has been a competitive experience. I have received a training exercise of the level of competition throws. The condition has existed all along, Jaakkola says.

Jaakkola is second in the domestic statistics of this season, where he dominates the top position Aaron Kangas with a record 77.09.

Noormarkun Nopsan Tuomas Seppänen was second with a score of 71.29. Society of the Friends Oskari Lahtinen, 19, improved the men’s record by almost four meters and was third with readings of 65.50.

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