Again more than 200 infections reported


The number of new infections with the coronavirus in the period from 9 to 15 July rose by 61 percent from the previous week. This is evident from figures from the scientific health institute Sciensano on Sunday.

In the last seven-day period, an average of 143 infections were recorded daily. Sunday data shows that so far 63,706 infections have been detected in our country. That’s 207 more than yesterday’s update.

It is already the eleventh consecutive rise. It is certain that the average number of infections will continue to rise in the coming days: the new figures that are included in the calculation are a lot higher than those of the days that will disappear.

The figures of the past few days are causing unrest. The Consultative Committee of the various governments of our country meets on Sunday morning to discuss the situation.

Sciensano recalls that it is important at this stage to continue to monitor the measures in order to curb the increase. Help prevent the epidemic from flaring up again and apply the basic principles to protect yourself and your family: wash your hands regularly, keep 1.5 meters away from others, wear a mask if distance is not possible or where it is asked now , meet up to 15 different people per week and if possible do so outdoors. If you are ill, stay at home and call your doctor.

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