After Viksjöbråket – complicated dispute over hundreds of millions


Skuldberget after the winter riots in Viksjö amounts to hundreds of millions, and in the days to be decided whether the reconstruction of Active Works and NL Construction will be allowed to continue.

From SVT’s Assignment review

German Nordex says no and pushes the line that the reconstruction should be interrupted. Here and now.

The tone between the warring parties is high and SVT’s Assignment review is now used as a bat in the continued dispute. The program included information about strange transactions and “fake” invoices that gave new impetus to the quarrel. The economic crime prosecutor Stefan Lundberg spoke in the program.

Proposed chords

It was the related companies Active Works and NL Construction, which included the subcontractors in the project who then did not receive full payment, and both companies are now fighting for survival with SEK 150 million and SEK 270 million in debt, respectively.

The outcome is uncertain. Recently, Active Works CEO Göran Solig has turned to the district courts in Stockholm and Härnösand and requested a further extension of the reorganization period of – and thus the bankruptcy protection for – the two companies.

In the case of Active Works, there is a composition proposal which means that the company believes it can pay 25 percent of its debts, while the situation for NL Construction is more difficult. For NL Construction, no solution has been presented except that a “dialogue” is being conducted with a company that is said to be prepared to contribute the money required to get a composition agreement in port.

Mutual debts

Particularly interesting in this context is that the two companies, which have the same postal address and representative, Göran Solig, have large mutual debts to each other. In particular, NL Construction is required by Active Works of 216 million for the wind power job in Viksjö to fail. The mutual debts also mean that Active Works and NL Construction are each other’s largest creditors, which gives them the advantage of being able to control the restructuring.

At the same time, Active Works has also made a claim of 239 million against the customer in Viksjö, the German wind power company Nordex, because after months of trouble, they were thrown out of the wind power building last winter.

“Inflated numbers”

However, Nordex has made it clear that it is not prepared to pay any additional money to Active Works. The demand for 239 million is described by Nordex’s lawyers as “inflated figures” that have no basis in reality. They believe that the corporate restructuring that has already been going on for six months is an “abuse” of the law.

Active Works, on the other hand, has promised in its composition proposal that any success in the dispute against Nordex will benefit their creditors. If Active Works wins, the company promises to contribute more money, at most so that the debts are paid in full.

No comments

SVT Västernorrland has been in contact with Göran Solig, CEO and representative of Active Works and NL Construction. He does not want to comment further.

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