After Swastika: Mask with yellow badge


After wearing a swastika mask by a neo-Nazi couple inside a Walmart branch, an attempt was made to launch a yellow badge masking campaign as a protest against the duty of citizens

Holocaust contempt: A Republican organization equated the requirement to wear masks during the Corona virus with the yellow badge that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. The comparison appeared on the Facebook page of the organization operating in the state of Minnesota in the United States.

The photo was posted on the Republican Party’s Facebook page on Facebook, but the photo was removed Monday night, according to local websites.

“Just put on the patch and stop complaining, it’s not that hard,” the photo read, “just put on the mask and stop complaining.”

Remember the state of Minnesota has determined that it is mandatory to wear masks. In crowded places, on Saturday a couple protested the order by wearing masks with a Nazi swastika at the Walmart branch, they were taken out of the store and banned from entering any other Walmart branch for a year.

In response to the publication, the Jewish community tweeted the picture, adding: “Given that Minnesota rabbis have recently spoken out in favor of wearing a mask, the comparison between teaching and wearing a mask to the Holocaust seems particularly disgusting. We ask Republicans to stop using such pictures.

Jennifer Cranhan, chairwoman of the Republican Party in Minnesota, responded in a tweet Monday night: “This post was brought to our attention today, and we immediately reached out, we believe it was a hack and we removed their Facebook page immediately, our party does not support posts or shameful and harmful language. This”.

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