after Osimhen the negotiations for Boga and Under are well under way!


Latest football market Naples, according to Il Mattino besides Osimhen two other deals are hot and well underway: Boga and Under.

Football market Naples the very latest today. According to the edition of The morning the negotiation for Osimhen will not be so simple but in any case Napoli (and Gattuso) have discovered their cards.

Mercato Napoli, negotiations started for Boga and Under

Gattuso is not surprised: he likes this role of manager in English. De Laurentiis is in Capri in these hours. Meanwhile, two more negotiations are underway and well advanced: Boga and Under. But with Roma there may be some surprises at stake. We are already at great maneuvers. As if tomorrow there was no Atalanta-Napoli

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