after confinement, nursing home residents enjoy their vacation


Seated under the trees, this small group of seniors is celebrating an unexpected week of vacation. After difficult confinement at home or in nursing homes, these seniors benefit from moments shared with several. Geneviève Carré, participant, is delighted: “You have to think about the present minute. O time, suspend your flight… Because tomorrow we will meet within our four walls! I laugh but I laugh yellow“.

Singing, playing, swimming: during the stay, everything is allowed for residents who need to forget the hard months of confinement linked to the Covid. A stay made possible thanks to the Sant’Egidio association which organizes these all-expenses-paid vacations for the former. Vincent Picard, head of the Long Live Sant’Egidio program is pleased: “It’s the joy of meeting up, of being able to go out, take walks …“. Moments that everyone savor.

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