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The wait is over: Temptation Island starts again tonight, Thursday 2 July, in prime time on Canale 5. The couples of the program and the rules of the program

The wait is over: Temptation Island starts again tonight, Thursday 2 July, in prime time on Channel 5. The appointment with the journey into feelings conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, from the spoilers that were provided to us by the official Instagram profile of the transmission produced by Maria De Filippi promises to be really crackling.

Who are the protagonists and the first advances


He did not have time to leave that a couple has already broken out for the betrayal perpetrated by the part of the couple you just didn’t expect, according to the presentations, another is not so far from saying goodbye and the third … is very close to a real one Nervous Breakdown. In this edition that sees celebrities and very normal people together (Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane, Manila Nazaro and Lorenzo Amoruso they are the representatives of the VIPs, while representing the VIPs they meet us Valeria and Ciavy, Anna and Andrea, Annamaria and Antonio, Sofia and Alessandro), six couples who have been experiencing the adventure in a couple of weeks Sardinia and that we will begin to see from tonight.

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The rules of Temptation Island

For those not yet familiar with the program, here are the rules of the game: engaged couples unmarried and childless come separated and hosted in separate villages, one for girlfriends and one for boyfriends. There the protagonists of the Reality show they will live for three weeks, without being able to meet their partner. So far … nothing particularly striking. But, of course, there is a giant but, which represents the beauty of this game.

Aitants are hosted in the girlfriends’ village tempters and that of the boyfriends of the sexy and handsome temptresses who will accompany the competitors on their journey of feelings, at the end of which they will be able to answer the questions they had asked themselves at the beginning of travel: Is the life of the couple I am living really what I want? The person next to me is really the love of my life is with him / her I want to continue living this love?

The appointment at the Temptation bonfire


During the journey, boyfriends and girlfriends will be able to see how their partner behaves through gods video that are shown to them: how will they react to seeing certain attitudes? To mark the highlights of the trip to theIs Morus Relais the now famous and highly anticipated bonfire, in front of which competitors will be able to see significant extracts from their partner’s “vacation”.

At the end of the path the couples will meet at the comparison bonfire and there, on the beach, they will be able to clarify and decide what will become of their future life: will they go out together or will their paths be divided? The trip will officially end when they answer the crucial question that will be asked of them Filippo Bisciglia: “Do you want to get out of here with the person you came with”?

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