Actor Sabri Saad El Hamus: ‘Made me guilty of putting racism into perspective’ | NOW


Actor Sabri Saad El Hamus believes he has been put into perspective of racism, he says in Tuesday de Volkskrant.

“Previously I have also been guilty of putting racism into perspective,” said Saad El Hamus, who is known for roles in, among others, the film The Schnitzel Paradise in Shouf Shouf de serie. “When a performance about black Americans translated from English was performed here, I said, it’s not as bad as it is here.”

It seemed to the Egyptian-born Saad El Hamus “as if black Dutchmen had all the privileges and were no longer discriminated against. Because according to the actor Moroccans in the Netherlands” demanded attention, it seemed that only they still had to get rights “.

At the drama school in Arnhem, 63-year-old Saad El Hamus says he was “laughed at in 1983” when he announced that he wanted to play Hamlet in the play of the same name by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). “What should the audience not think that Hamlet’s mother was married to an Arab? At the time, I had to be grateful that I was hired. I had to be satisfied with the roles I got.”

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