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A U.S. study found 21 drugs that may control the coronavirus – Abroad


In particular, four drugs gave promising results.

A recent study identified 21 different drugs that could potentially control coronavirus infection, Medical Express reported on. The study was conducted by the Sanford Burnham Preby Medical Discovery Institute in the United States.

The research team screened out of 12,000 drugs that could prevent coronavirus replication, i.e. duplication in cultured cells. The study team tested the drugs by examining virus-infected lung specimens and testing the cumulative effect of the drugs with remdesivir, used to treat coronary patients. The researchers also assessed the relationship between drug doses and antiviral activity.

The study team found that 21 drugs appear to be effective at concentrations that can be safely achieved in patients. In particular, four of these compounds were found to cumulate the effects of remdesivir. Remdesivir has shortened the duration of symptoms in some coronary patients, but not for everyone. Of the 21 medicines, two are already approved for the market and many of the other medicines have already been involved in clinical trials.

In particular, the drugs clofazimin, hanfangchin A, apilimod, and ONO 5334, the researchers say, represent the best short-term options for effective corona treatment.

Combinations of the potential drugs now identified have been tested in animals and human tissues.

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