a substantial budget for the French


In just 45 minutes, 210 surgical masks have already been sold in this supermarket chain. It is easy to get hold of them so customers stock up. Sold for 60 cents per unit and packaged in packs of ten, they have been snapped up since the announcement of their compulsory wearing in enclosed spaces. “I think we have sold ten times more in the past week”, explains Valentine Drouin, receptionist.

The mask is now a constrained expense for consumers encountered in the aisles of the supermarket. “It’s a box of 50 a week”, says a man with children in a daycare center. The brand sells them at cost and makes no margin. Management says it has no supply problems. “We’re about ten weeks out of stock so we’ve got plenty to do”, explains Mathieu Dupire, director of the supermarket. They are sold between 54 and 64 cents per unit depending on the quantity purchased at this pharmacy, well below the ceiling price imposed by the government. “This represents about 150 euros per week”, says a restaurateur.

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