A Sanchez so greedy. Moses is raging


HANDANOVIC 6: You get scared after a few seconds and already imagine another complicated afternoon. It will not be like this

D’AMBROSIO 6.5: Brescia is very little. He also takes away the satisfaction of the goal

DE VRIJ 6: Stay on the field as long as you need it. As soon as he can, Conte removes it to preserve it

STICKS 7: Complete race. No problem in defense and usual ball-and-foot exits. Too easy today

MOSES 8: In the week of Hakimi, Moses gives himself the best match with the Inter shirt. On the right rages, it is unleashed. Touch the golazo

STRETCHER 6.5: Determinant. Always. It keeps pace even when some teammates go down a gear. Today he doesn’t have to work too hard. He is from Inter and how, despite some sudden adverse judgment

GAGLIARDINI 6.5: It gives you a smile after complicated days. Certainly, the error against Sassuolo is unhealthy. But today he goes more relaxed

BORJA VALERO 7: The no-look assist for Lautaro, who is wrong, is a pearl. One of many. Play on tiptoe, do not miss anything

YOUNG 7: Wrong in the start but redeems himself immediately with the goal of the advantage. From there on, it’s an easy domain

LAUTARO 6: It is in poor condition and it shows. It has no flicker neither in speed nor in front of the door. The anger with which he takes it with the post after a wrong goal makes it clear how much he wants the net

SANCHEZ 8: Like Moses, it literally rages. He is in brilliant physical condition, certainly the best of the attackers. When he plays like this, he makes you want to redeem himself. And it jealous. Even in society

FROG 6: Enter De Vrij’s place and don’t suffer. It handles without problems

AGOUME 6.5: The boy always plays with his head held high, no frills. You can work on it.

CANDREVA 7: A right crossbar, a left goal. For him it’s a party

ERIKSEN 6.5: Enter the game already widely in the safe. It takes away the satisfaction of finding the goal

LUKAKU 6.5: Auspicious Eriksen’s goal

COUNT 7: Brescia is very small but the team plays fluently. The turnover this time rewards him and everyone has fun. Three points in peace, almost a rarity.

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