A Republican senator has removed a campaign that has enlarged the nose of his Jewish rival


The United States knows the boundaries. A candidate who posted an election ad against his opponent when he is presented with a long nose and he also happens to be a “Jew”, apologized for this and ordered that all ads be removed wherever they are | The Jewish contestant did not accept the apology: “Nobody believes, literally”

Senator David Pardo of the U.S. state of Georgia deleted a Facebook election ad aimed at his Jewish political rival, John Usoff, after Usoff’s nose appeared to be larger than reality.

The ad called for donating money to Republican Fredo’s campaign, claiming “Democrats are trying to buy Georgia.” The thinker of the campaign used black-and-white photos of Usof and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is also Jewish, they were taken in Photoshop to look like they were taken from an old TV system with bad face photos.

Left: Reuters photo for 2017 by John Usoff. Right: A 2020 ad attacking John Usoff. Three graphic designers told the forward that the ad enlarged Usoff’s nose while other facial features remained the same size.

Usof’s nose is “the main difference where the enhanced version is larger than the original,” said Maurice Mylor, a professor of graphic design at the University of Iowa, two professional graphic designers told the Forward website that they agree with this assessment.

Fredo’s campaigners called the incident a ‘malfunction’ and said they were removing the ad from social media.

John Usoff. From Twitter

A campaign spokesman said in a statement that “in the process of graphic design handled by an external vendor, the image size was modified and specially designed, which appeared to cause an unintentional error that distorted the image, obviously it was accidental, but to ensure no confusion, we removed the image immediately from Facebook. “Anyone who implies that it was intentional at first, presents Senator Fredo in a bad light, everyone knows the senator’s firm stand against anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred.”

Usoff’s campaigners declined to comment, but after posting the news on many sites, Usoff tweeted that “no one believes, literally, Fredo’s explanation.”

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