A quarter of an hour before the incident: The Commander-in-Chief revoked an engagement permit


Central Command General Tamir Yedai revoked a permit that an administrative expelled person could attend his engagement event in Samaria a quarter of an hour before leaving for the event. The deportee, who was expected to get engaged last night (Sunday) at an event in a locality in Samaria, at his fiancĂ©e’s home, submitted an orderly request about a week ago in which he asked for a special permit to hold the event. The commander-in-chief approved the entry of the deportee to Samaria by direct travel and for fixed hours.

According to the deposed person and his family members yesterday, a quarter of an hour before leaving for the event, they received a letter that abruptly revokes the permit for the event to take place. His father was furious: “Shame and disgrace to receive such a draconian and antisemitic order in the state of the Jewish people. There was no such thing! Just be ashamed to send me such a thing, a quarter of an hour !! Before going to an engagement party. It reminds me of the great haters of Israel, “We are done with them. You do not understand that in your crooked perception you are only distancing the youth from the love of our dear country. Unparalleled wickedness, and great stupidity.” Said the father of the exiled.

IDF Spokesman’s Response: “On June 12, 2020, the Commander of the Central Command signed a special restraining order in the case of Elhai Carmeli, prohibiting him, among other things, from being in the territories of Judea and Samaria except the settlement of Ariel, where he resides. The order was signed due to reliable information indicating Carmeli’s high risk to security and public peace. During the past week, Carmeli’s request to come to Yitzhar for an engagement party was exceptionally approved. In light of new and concrete information received today in Carmeli’s case, the general reconsidered his decision, and decided to reject his request. ”

General Tamir YediPhoto: IDF Spokesman

Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, CEO of the Honno organization that helps young people, said: “The system of administrative orders is always bad and sick. The public has not yet internalized it because they have not yet reached the man in the street, but the slope is slippery and very steep. This time the phenomenon went out of all proportion. Who will stop this disgusting and cruel anarchy? ”

MK Bezalel Smutrich also commented on the issue. According to Smutrich, “Canceling a permit for an engagement event of a young Jew in Samaria minutes before leaving for the event is nonsense. “The conduct of the security forces on the issue of restraining orders against Jewish boys should bother anyone for whom human rights are important.”

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