A precedent-setting ruling approved the forfeiture of terrorists’ salaries


The Tel Aviv District Court last night (Sunday) rejected a petition filed against a seizure order in the amount of tens of thousands of shekels that a security prisoner received from the Palestinian Authority as a “salary” for his imprisonment. The seizure order, which allowed the money to be taken, is part of a precedent-setting move initiated by the National Counter-Terrorism Economic Coalition (Ministry of Defense) at the Ministry of Defense.

The petition was filed against me by the father of the security prisoner, Pekri Zahir Mansour Omer, who was an accomplice in the murder, and the transportation of the terrorist who carried out the attack on the market in Hadera in October 2005, in which six Israeli civilians were killed. The National Economic Counter-Terrorism Headquarters welcomed the court’s ruling, saying in response that it was a “precedent-setting ruling by the court approving for the first time the seizure of salary money given to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority.”

Defense Minister Ganz said in reference to the ruling that he intends: “To lead various and varied moves through the headquarters of the Economic War on Terror to prevent the transfer of funds to terrorists and terrorist organizations. The ruling will help us in the war on terror by economic means as well.”

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As mentioned, Gantz extended the suspension of the order, which allows terrorist funds to be confiscated from Palestinian banks by 45, but the order was initiated by former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. Ganz suspended him on the recommendation of security officials, who fear the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, and justified this by the need to examine the effects of the procedure. It should also be noted that about a week ago, Defense Minister Ganz again extended the suspension of the order.

Netanyahu: “Law on offsetting terrorists’ salaries is implemented” // Photo: GPO

These moves by the defense establishment, combined with the huge loan that Israel provided to the Palestinian Authority, in the cumulative amount of NIS 800 million, are probably due to the fact that Israel fears a governmental shock in the Palestinian Authority, given the difficult economic situation and high unemployment following the Corona crisis.

As stated, the seizure order that enabled the seizure of funds is part of a precedent-setting move initiated by the National Economic Counter-Terrorism Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, for the issuance of seizure orders by the Defense Minister for salaries paid by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists.

The precedent was taken in collaboration with the IDF Intelligence Division, the General Security Service, the Israel Police, the Prison Service and the forfeiture unit of the Ministry of Justice, and has so far led to the seizure and forfeiture of hundreds of thousands of shekels. .

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