A large European fund with extra vigilance that Snchez and Iglesias hope to circumvent


Tuesday, July 21, 2020 – 12:33

The Prime Minister is already sneaking measures that can be accepted by Brussels and Iglesias assures that the Government’s program continues

The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, and the Second Vice President, Pablo Iglesias.

The applause of the ministers to Pedro Snchez upon arrival in Moncloa from Brussels, he responds to marketing, but also to that, the Government has indisputably saved time and oxygen. A historical agreement has been produced in the European Union that particularly favors countries like Italy and Spain at this time. Beyond the figures, which may fall short depending on the duration of the pandemic, what is important is the undisclosed signal given by the 27 member countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, in approving that the European Commission borrow to help, over all, the countries of the South in unprecedented economic debacle. The

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