A girl, separated from the baby and abandoned in a room with her body


About two weeks ago, Anat (all the women’s names in the article were changed at the request of the interviewees) arrived to give birth at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. She underwent corona examination according to the procedures and was sent to one of the delivery rooms, received an epidural and began the delivery procedure.

“She was already in the middle of giving birth when the positive reaction came and hysteria started” she told mako this week A relative, “Suddenly the staff is taken out and sent to solitary confinement. They wanted to transfer her to the corona ward in the middle of the birth, when she was in a progressive opening. Only after the family’s insistence did they first agree to finish her child and only then transfer her.”

Anat gave birth, her baby was taken from her to a nursery and she was immediately transferred to the Corona ward. “Her legs were still asleep from the epidural, she was sitting in a wheelchair and left there to fend for herself. She could not go to the bathroom because of the anesthesia or go to bed and had to defecate on herself. They put her in a room where there were also men, a religious woman who is time Shortly after giving birth, bleeding, not even bleeding pads were left for her. ”

According to the family, it was long hours when Anat sat in a chair without treatment until they finally brought her water and food. “It was only after a very long time and the intervention of the family that she was transferred, inside the Corona ward, to a room with another midwife but this room was also without curtains, without partitions. At one point her neighbor was examined in front of everyone. It took a lot of effort to release her “Protected to Corona. No one should be treated like that, certainly not in a respectable hospital.”

Hadassah said in response: “Upon receiving a complaint from a Corona patient giving birth, the allegations were examined one by one, all treated and procedures sharpened. The family received a sympathetic ear from the hospital’s seniors, an apology and full understanding.”

Anat is not alone, in recent weeks they have reached the mako system More and more evidence of mothers being separated from their infants because the corona ward is not prepared for their hospitalization, mothers who find themselves alone with labor in the delivery room for long hours because they are forbidden to bring a companion or doula .

“She sat in a wheelchair and was left there to fend for herself. She could not go to the bathroom because of the anesthesia or go to bed and had to do her defecation on herself.”

Although five months have passed since the corona crisis began, it seems that many of the hospitals have not yet been properly treated for births that have been found to be positive for the virus. The Ministry of Health’s guidelines for positive maternity care for Corona are very poor and mainly concern the question of separating or leaving the newborn with his mother after childbirth and breastfeeding. All other aspects related to hospitalization and childbirth depend on the hospital.

“As early as the beginning of April, we urgently asked the Ministry of Health to take out advocacy measures for pregnant and childbirth women with and without Corona and even asked for them to be uploaded to the Ministry of Health website. Says Mako Meital B’Nashek, VP of the Healthy Foundation, “It is unfortunate to see that we are already in the midst of a second wave and there is still no detailed and adapted information on the Ministry of Health website. The procedure that the Ministry of Health did publish only refers to separation from the newborn and breastfeeding and there is no detailed reference to the mothers and their needs after the birth. These are not ordinary corona patients who need hospitalization, in most cases they are asymptomatic or with really mild symptoms that without birth would have been in a home hospital or hotel. “Instead, they find themselves in general corona wards that are not prepared to take care of their logistical and emotional needs as mothers.”

Birth during the corona period | Photo: N12

“She ran to the bathroom in hysteria”

When Daphne was in the 38th week of her pregnancy she was diagnosed with corona and hospitalized at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot. “She was hospitalized there for a few days, part of the time in intensive care until the child decided to have a caesarean section at week 39,” says Rafi Perlstein, Daphne’s brother-in-law. “It turns out that the fetus interfered with her breathing. In the meantime, the baby went out to Corona and was transferred to a nursery and from there to his grandmother.”

Daphne, who remained hospitalized in the Corona ward, found herself sharing a room with an elderly man who died during the Sabbath. “All day she lay next to him. The hospital said it was only four hours, but even that time is too much. This is a woman after a caesarean section, not a normal patient. She was in a very sensitive condition, really stressed, especially after such a dramatic week without “Her family, which also included intensive care and caesarean section,” Pearlstein said, “she ran to the bathroom in hysteria, terrified and at one point demanded that she be taken to the women’s ward.

Kaplan Hospital said in response: “The details provided by the family are inaccurate and do not match what actually happened.”

Daphne, who remained hospitalized in the Corona ward, found herself sharing a room with an elderly man who died during the Sabbath. “She lay next to him all day. The hospital said it was only four hours.”

“There is a lot of misinformation between hospitals about births in Corona. You can call a hospital to tell you one thing and then another mother something else. There is no clear order or procedures. There is no hotline, neither the HMOs nor the Ministry of Health. They are not allowed to enter with attendants and on time. “True, there is no one who provides a solution for maternity leave with Corona or maternity leave in isolation,” says Naama Idan, former publisher of the Yom LeYom newspaper, director of a group of pregnant women “Birth is power”, In which hundreds of women exchange information about pregnancy and childbirth during the corona period, “In the ultra-Orthodox sector there are more births and corona so in percentages we meet it more so we sometimes manage to give point-based solutions based on community. The Ministry of Health must make order here, can not yet There is chaos and every hospital is run as it sees fit. “

Tough instructions for the mother

Evidence of loneliness felt by the verified mothers to Corona due to the ban on bringing an escort to the delivery room can be found in the testimony of Efrat, 30, from Petah Tikva, who gave birth to her third daughter at Sheba Hospital – Tel Hashomer earlier this week. “I have no complaints against the hospital, I understand it is an emergency, but because the corona is going to be with us for a long time it is important that they understand that the guidelines as they are now are very difficult for the mother.”

Efrat, who gave birth earlier this week, says that prior to the birth and after she was diagnosed with corona, she was instructed on the day of birth to arrive at the hospital alone, without a doula or other attendant, in a protected ambulance and announce in advance that they would prepare the isolation room and protected staff.

“On the night between Monday and Tuesday I started having contractions at home, I followed them regularly and ordered an ambulance to bring me to the hospital. They put me in the isolation room from the back entrance. “My sister was with me, here I was alone, I felt helpless. It felt like an eternity to me.”

In retrospect I found out that my sister worked behind the scenes to get me to an isolated delivery room as soon as possible and that they would send me a phone charger, “she continues,” but by the time I was transferred to the delivery room I was already six fingers open, they didn’t even have an anesthetic. . I was exhausted and scared. ”

After the birth, Efrat moved with her baby to the Corona maternity ward. “Because I was told I was not allowed to bring escorts I found myself alone, with pain and exhaustion, I was not in a position to treat her after the birth, but rather in this place that needed a lot of help I was alone. I felt I was collapsing. I writhed in pain but could not help myself because I am with The baby. ”

Is the hospitalization suitable for a mother with a new baby?
“The nurse tries to help me on the phone and they call me through a bell and watch me on screen. I understand that this is a given situation and there is nothing to do, I have a harder time with loneliness. Yesterday at 12 at night the nurse came to check on me and I did not even know what time it is. I do not have a day and I do not have a night. I am currently alone in the Corona maternity ward. First the cleaner came in and it was from ‘Wow is there anyone here’.

“I understand the need to separate because of the emergency, but one must also think about the mental side, the complete isolation can hurt, especially after birth. I am in isolation for two weeks even before, I have not seen my children for so long and I now understand that I will hardly see Them soon. ”

Mashiba responded: “This individual case will be investigated. As a rule, we allow mothers to come with an escort on condition that he is not a corona patient and is not required to be in isolation.”

Another case was posted this week on the Facebook group “Zero Separation – Your Right from the Moment of Birth”, where a mother who asked to remain anonymous asked for the help of other friends: “I gave birth yesterday in Ichilov, during the birth I was informed that I was positive for Corona, I had no symptoms, I did not know and they They said that immediately after the birth my baby would go to isolation and I to the corona ward, “she wrote,” I was so shocked and surprised and it just happened. I moved to the corona ward, where the staff is not at all designed to care for postpartum women, they did not even have pads for me. “They brought me my baby, who I want to be with, they told me it was not possible. I have not seen him since the birth.”

“There are departments that are not prepared, the staff is not always prepared, the procedure of the Ministry of Health is unclear and very limited, and so any hospital that is good in its eyes does.”
Meital in arms

At the hospital they explained that the reason for the separation was technical: they had no way of hospitalizing the babies near the mothers. According to the hospital this week, the Corona maternity ward and their infants were finally opened at the hospital within the Corona ward.

“A mother diagnosed with corona experiences a double emotional storm: the expectation, dreams and natural fear of childbirth as a complex and even life-threatening procedure and of course the stress of her medical condition as diagnosed with corona and infancy, not to mention the experience of leprosy and medical distances. On top of this experience she may also have to deal with the mess that prevails in the various hospitals: there are unedited wards, the staff is not always prepared, the procedure of the Ministry of Health is unclear and very limited and so every good hospital does it. We are already five months into crisis, no “It is possible that postpartum women are still hospitalized in ‘normal’ corona wards without being prepared for it with all the equipment and conditions that mothers need. The corona will stay with us for many more months, it’s time to make order.”


Ministry of Health response: Managed “Guidelines for Dealing with Corona Disease” there is a reference to the issue of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and, among other things, the issue of a verified mother. Maternity care should be done according to the accepted criteria and standards while adhering to the procedures listed in the appendix. The recommendation is to consider, if the mother wants it, even if she is a verified patient, to be with the newborn during the hospitalization including home hospitalization and releasing the mother to her home, while adhering to the detailed guidelines. Hospitals are instructed to prepare for corona patients at all required sites (such as cardiac catheterizations, operating rooms and even maternity wards). Indeed, there are differences between the hospitals, just as there are differences in the conduct of other departments between the hospitals.

Response of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital: The staff at Hadassah Ein Kerem are constantly working these days, both for the patients and the mothers and for the Corona patients who are hospitalized separately from everyone else.

Upon receiving a complaint from a Corona patient giving birth, the allegations were examined one by one, all of which were addressed and the procedures sharpened. The family received a sympathetic ear from senior hospital staff, an apology and full understanding.

It should be emphasized that the hospital does a lot for all its audiences, makes adjustments to the needs of the various audiences and is attentive to every criticism and request – so these days we are equipping dedicated rooms for women after childbirth, which will satisfy all their needs.

Kaplan Hospital Response: First, it is important to emphasize that this is a positive birth for Corona that the medical staff saved her life and the life of her baby with great dedication and with meticulous and professional care around the clock. It will also be said that the details provided by the family are inaccurate and do not match what actually happened. Needless to say, this is a challenging period in which we are required to treat Corona patients in conditions that require hospitalization conditions in dedicated wards and strict isolation conditions, and all this is done according to meticulous procedures of the Ministry of Health. We wish the mother and baby complete health.

Response from Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital: This particular case will be investigated. As a rule we allow maternity leave to come with an attendant provided he is not a corona patient and is not committed to isolation. We do not think a mother should give birth alone and provide caregivers with the necessary protective equipment.

Response from Tel Aviv Ichilov Medical Center: We are sorry to read about the feeling of the mother after the birth with us. As is well known, the corona event is rolling and the hospital learns and improves while moving and in accordance with the events. Since the beginning of the corona outbreak in Israel, there have been a total of about three positive births to the corona. Now, due to the increase in morbidity, on Wednesday a dedicated corona ward was opened for certified mothers where they will be able to stay with their baby and in a way that will ensure the safety of the rest of the mothers and babies.


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