A fire betrays him, the carabinieri discover a marijuana plantation


On the afternoon of Monday 29 June, the Carabinieri of Trieste arrested a 54-year-old from Trieste, in the flagrance of the crime of illicit production and possession of narcotic substances. Specifically, the military intervened with the Fire Brigade at a house in the Borgo San Sergio district, due to an ongoing fire principle.

During the inspection, however, the Carabinieri discovered the presence in the home of a cultivation of marijuana, organized ad hoc with a rudimentary but efficient lighting and ventilation system, including a tube for air recirculation. Under the lamps, found lit, there were nine marijuana plants. The military then carried out a meticulous home search, finding an additional 410 grams of the same substance, cutting and packaging material, as well as a precision balance.

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