A copy of Super Mario Bros sold for $ 114,000


DALLAS – A copy of the original Super Mario Bros. game was auctioned yesterday for a record $ 114,000.

The copy, never opened and still in the original sealed packaging, is in perfect condition. This is also demonstrated by the score of 9.4 out of 10, given by collectors, to evaluate the consistency and conservation of materials. It is a record: it is the most expensive video game ever.

This was announced by Heritage Auctions on Friday in Dallas, Texas. The buyer of the copy has stated that he wants to remain anonymous for the time being.

The Japanese company Nintendo had released on the market the now famous video game “Super Mario Bros.” way back in 1985.

The previous record was always Super Mario: another copy of the title was sold for $ 100,150 last year, while the previous one was still held by the video game “Mega Man” of 1987, sold at auction in 2019 for $ 75,000.

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