a bomb ready to explode?


Raise the alarm for i positive migrants in Italy. The last few days have been on fire on the front landings, with the arrival on our shores of hundreds of asylum seekers, many of whom are infected by the coronavirus.

The problem is real and requires an urgent response from the government, especially to avoid health problems. Calabria e Sicily I am on a war footing, with Governor Santelli who sent an outraged ultimatum to Conte on the need to check the arrivals of non-EU citizens.

The balance of the last few hours on landings and positivity is not reassuring: about 800 migrants landed, even with makeshift boats and out of control beaches, at least 80 have tested positive.

The question of migrants in Italy is it a bomb ready to explode?

Italy, landings on the rise: risk of new outbreaks

The data of the Interior Ministry offer an objective picture of the situation landings in Italy in July. The numbers speak for more 1,000 migrants arrived on our coasts until 10 July, with a peak in the last week.

Compared to 2019, arrivals have almost tripled. In 2020, in fact, the Ministry of Interior quantified 8,087 landings against the 3,165 of the previous year.

This means that we continue to flee from countries of the world affected by wars, poverty, serious violations of human rights. And, probably, arrivals will not stop for the whole summer period.

Intelligence has already estimated that others in the coming weeks 10.000 migrants could come from Africa.

To aggravate an emergency that occurs every year, especially for the Italian coastal regions such as Sicily and Calabria, there is today theepidemic. A not at all secondary detail, if we consider that a not negligible part of the migrants landed in Italy was found positive for coronavirus.

Currently, they would be approx 80 asylum seekers infected on our territory. Others, however, may have escaped the controls in the ports as they landed in coves and hidden beaches with small and makeshift boats.

How to manage them to avoid the spread of the virus and the lighting of new outbreaks?

The issue is being examined by the government, also following the protests that broke out on Sunday 12 July in Calabria after the assessment of 28 positive migrants arrived by sea (it is still unclear if it is Pakistani or Bengali).

It should be noted that, according to the data of the Interior Ministry, from Bangladesh have landed in the last 10 days 1,383 migrants, placing nationality in second place after Tunisia. The Bengali are targeted by tight controls in Italy because of the high probability that they are infected in their country.

Ships and barracks for Covid-19 positive foreigners

The government is considering several options to promptly intervene and manage successful migrants.

In Sicily, in Porto Empedocle, the quarantine ship Moby ZazĂ  still hosts 17 foreigners infected. A solution of the same kind could also be triggered in Calabria, with the provision of ad hoc boats to isolate migrants who have tested positive results even before they land on land.

However, the ministers of the Interior and Infrastructures are also considering a plan for the hospitalization for quarantine of asylum seekers in military structures in Rome.

Specifically, we think of the military hospital of the Celio or the Olympic center of Cecchignola, which have already hosted coronavirus patients with excellent results in terms of healing and health security.

The problem of positive migrants arriving in Italy is real and a government strategy must arrive as soon as possible, precisely to prevent this social and health “bomb” from exploding.

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